Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mom Turns "61" in Spanish Fork

Mom turned 60 while on vacation in Hawaii last year, so we knew we had to step up our game to make her b-day in beautiful Spanish Fork, Utah, extra special this year.

It started out with delicious quiche (made by Krissy) and fabulous Rhodes orange rolls (made by Rhodes).

The excitement continued with a family picnic at an undisclosed location in Springville. (I can't remember the name of the park we were at).

The birthday girl bonded with Nora!

She then blew out the candle on her gluten-free chocolate cake. Requested by mom; eaten by no one but mom and ME of course! I think everyone else thought it was a doughy brownie!

Laughed at her gifts. Krissy, Caleb, and I got her sexy tights, a fancy pink bracelet, a brown skirt and a pink and brown sweater. It has all been returned except the sweater!

She also got a gift card for a pedicure from Josh and Tiff and a gift card to get her hair done from Dad. Those have not been returned!

Last, but not least, we all attended the Folkfest. Dancers come from all around the world to dance in Springville, Utah. I took a picture of mom with some male dancers in diapers from Australia. If I can remember whose phone I took the picture with, I will post it here!

Happy 61st, Mom. We tried our best to make it spectacular!!

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