Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Carson's 8th B-Day and Baptism

August 6, 2011.
Big day for Carson.
His birthday AND his baptism.
Aaron baptized him. Carson was very excited about wearing the white jumpsuit. Aaron was just a teensy bit less excited about his outfit! :)

Carson's buddy got baptized with him.

Carson asked me to be the chorister at his baptism. During the closing song, "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus" I looked at Carson and he had tears in his eyes. I think he really felt the Spirit. Wonderful thing for me to be able to see.

Cali played the piano during the baptism so she couldn't be in this photo, but here are Carson's other proud siblings.

Parents and boys after the baptism.

The whole family!

On to the birthday celebration!

Carson with some of his friends.

Nyah dishing up some bbq pork sandwiches and salad for lunch!

The kids ate in the playhouse!

Water balloon fight: boys vs. girls. There were a few tragedies.

Grandma Sue and Grandpa David arrived in town with some B-Day Beyblades. They were a hit!

Happy 8th Birthday, Carson. We love you!!

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Kristin said...

I can't believe that your baby is 8! I'm starting to feel old. :) It looks like it was a wonderful day...congrats to Carson!