Thursday, June 9, 2011

Creative Chore Completion

Today was "Chore Day": the kids' favorite day of the week. At the top of Carson's list was "put away laundry." He came out of his room looking a little puffy around the middle. It turns out he didn't want to put his shorts away so HE PUT THEM ALL ON!


Dainon said...

"Chore Day?" Does that mean they do chores all day? How do you manage that? Or do they not have daily chores? I can see that fighting them one day all day to get the chores done might be better than fighting them every day.. You must explain this. Maybe upload a chore chart template or something. (Make a chorechart app? You could make some cash!)

Christine Schultz said...

LOL, I thought my boys were the only one's who did that. I have them get dressed for church, and they sometimes look a little bulky in the middle, and I see their shorts peaking out of the top. One time, Ryan had on (starting with skin - underwear, pajama bottoms, shorts, church pants). NOT a good look!