Sunday, May 22, 2011

Josh's Unique B-Day

Little Bro. turned 26 this year. He and Tiffany drove down for Easter dinner, which was also his b-day dinner! He got the most unique gifts. I'm pretty sure Mom was cleaning out her closets, and decided to wrap her findings up for Josh to open. Here are some examples:

1. His old Driver's License!

2. A Sign for the Newlywed's Wall. (Pretty sure this was a regift!)

3. Josh's poem from dad that he was given once before at the ripe old age of 10!

4. Some chocolate gold coins (I have no idea what the meaning was for this gift. Hopefully these were freshly purchased and not found in the closet!)

5. An old shell casing from one of our relatives that fought in WWII. Josh was the most excited about this gift, not because of the historical significance, but because there was money wrapped around it! :)

As you can see, Josh's b-day was very unique this year. And to shake things up a bit more, DAD provided the cake for the B-Day boy! It was marble, Josh's favorite?!

Happy B-Day, Buddy!!

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Pat said...

haha...Mom out did herself this year. Great gifts!