Friday, December 31, 2010

One Word to Describe Christmas 2010 . . . CRAZY!!

6 siblings. spouses. friends. kids. cousins. parents. boyfriends. girlfriends. presents. lots of presents. food. lots of food. filled up a new landfill with paper products eaten off of by our family. dad had a stroke the day after christmas. went to hospital. kids and adults got the "throw up" bug. laundry. lots of laundry. did i mention lots of hugs, kisses, and some tears. dad got out of hospital. dad drove from hospital to mall. took his 4 girls out for an after christmas shopping spree. more hugs and kisses. grateful for every moment. family . . . my heart can't hold all the love i feel for all of them.


Kristin said...

Crazy and so wonderful. Thank you for all of the food and fun.

Inspiration Station said...

Is your dad doing okay? Sounds like it was a crazy but fun break for you. Thanks so much for the goodies today. I was on my way to pick up my kids and they were so excited when I showed them the bag. You're the best chorister ever!