Thursday, November 11, 2010

Snow Canyon 1/2 Marathon

My last race of the year is now completed. I feel very happy indeed.

Luckily I have no nightmare stories to tell. No runner's runs. No period beginning at the starting line. Lots of downhill. BEAUTIFUL scenery. Great time was had by all. But, boy . . . my legs were tired.

Before the race, Jeff a.k.a. Charlie, did some interviews for a new "angel" to run the race with him. (Charlie's 3rd angel moved to Texas). After a considerable amount of time spent searching, Jeff found his angel. His name is Clark. We just need to put a wig on him. The only problem with Clark is that he is faster than me. And . . . he likes to rub his "fastness" in my face. Other than that, he is very well qualified for "angel" status.

Great memories from the race:
Marisa won a cool medal!

We got caught with our pants down after the race! We actually got cold after the run and put pants on, but figured we wouldn't look like "runners" in the pictures if we were all sweat suited up. Thus, the pants around our ankles. The photographer was SUPPOSED to take the pictures waist up so you wouldn't be able to see the sweats around the ankles. Who was that photographer anyway?

Four of my good friends from the neighborhood ran the Snow Canyon 1/2. They did AWESOME!!

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