Saturday, November 20, 2010

4 in 1!

We recently got a membership card to Sam's Club. My kids love to go there for the free samples. I like to count it as "lunch". Unfortunately there were no samples today and we were all starving. Not a great time to be shopping for bulk food items.

While walking down one of the freezer aisles, Carson spotted his favorite breakfast treat . . . Toaster Strudels. There were 4 packages of the strudels all bundled together. "Mom, can we please get the Toaster Strudels? Please!" How can you say, "No!" when there are no free samples in sight to bribe them with?

"Okay, Carson. You can get the Toaster Strudels. This time."

Carson climbed into the cart with his precious cargo. "Seriously, Mom. THIS is the best day of my life." I saw him carressing the box, and heard him whisper. "It's like a miracle. 4 in 1."

This child sure knows how to work the system!

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