Friday, July 16, 2010

Backyard Makeover

Our backyard has always been a source of frustration for Aaron and I. Our many tries at different garden spots never produced veggies, our apricot and plum trees just caused a mess, and NO ONE ever wanted to mow or weed the grass.

We finally decided this was the year for a makeover. Here are the results:

We put the tramp in the ground, so no one else would be hung by the netting (sorry, Nick!)
Our fabulous neighbor built The Tower of Babel for us. The kids are LOVING their playplace. Aaron is in the process of getting the tire swing hung underneath. Use your imagination.

We finally got a patio under the patio cover. We only have 2 chairs (no money left for furniture) so we take turns rocking.

We put a firepit in so we can have wienie roasts. We are now saving up money for the hotdogs!

We also have a new guest that has been visiting us this month. His name is "Doggy." He looks innocent enough, doesn't he?!

Here is our dog, Biscuit. She WAS a sixty year old virgin BEFORE "Doggy" came to visit.

"Doggy" and Biscuit are now enjoying our new backyard on an hourly basis. We no longer go outside, and prefer to keep the blinds closed whenever possible.


Reuben said...

That's quite a neighbor to build the tower for you. It will be perfect for syping into your neighbors back yards. No more sun bathing in privacy for them!

Melissa said...

I love your backyard! It all turned out so nice! I love the black iron benches you have around the fire pit too. Where did you get those at? So, besides spying on all your neighbors, how often do you and Aaron go down the slide? :)

Calee said...
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Calee said...

I grew up with dauchshunds and still love them. Now we've got a weeny-maltese mix but it's not the same;) Biscuit needs a bodyguard!

Trisha said...

Wow Vanessa! Love your backyard!