Monday, March 30, 2009

New Addiction!

Aaron bought himself an Amazon Kindle a couple of weeks ago. I was a teensy bit annoyed at how much time he was spending with Kindle, so I made fun of him every chance I could get. . . "Oh, look at you with your new little gadget." "How are you enjoying your new mini computer?" "What are you reading now? A Harlequin Romance?" I figured, if I bugged him enough about it, he'd eventually put it down so I could secretly check it out!

While Aaron was at work one day, I picked up his new toy and haven't put it down since. We even fight over who's going to read it in the evenings. Here are a few of the things I love about it:

1) It only weighes 10.2 ounces so you don't get shoulder cramps holding it up when you read in bed.

2) It is just over 1/3 of an inch thick, as thin as most magazines.

3) It holds over 1500 books -- I can get rid of my bookshelves.

4) It downloads your books in less than 60 seconds! No more trips to Orem to Barnes & Noble.

5) It comes in a nice plain leather bound cover so that no one knows you're not really reading "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.

Thanks, Aaron, for buying yourself such a nice present. I'm sure enjoying it!!


Memzy said...

My cousin has this and she lurves it!!

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

Might I suggest the following books for your Kindle library:

Manual of Ornithology: Avian Structure and Function by Noble S. Proctor;

National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, Fifth Edition by Jon L. Dunn and Jonathan Alderfer

Cornell Lab of Ornithology Handbook of Bird Biology by Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology

Please let me know if you enjoy them as much as our staff here at the U of U.


Vanessa said...

Dear Mary,
I do not think that I will be needing all of these "bird" books now that we are no longer bird owners. Reading about birds will most likely prolong our state of mourning. Thank you!!

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Hmmm, maybe I need to invest in one of these... I need something to motivate me to pick up a good book, I miss reading.

Stina said...

I've never heard of that before! Congrats on a new addiction (besides blogging)!

Caleb said...

I like the new Tech and Movie Review sections on the blog. Maybe a restaurants and consumer products section next?

Kinley said...

I have never heard of it either, but we love new little gadgets wo will have to check them out.

Lohra said...

Seriously, I feel so updated on life now! It's been tough without high school social studies and current events homework. So thank you. Love the movie if I was looking for a steamy movie.

The Heaton's said...

What a fun new toy! I have never seen or heard of that. I might just have to check that out! I have to agree with the others! Love the movie reviews!

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,

A group of eight of my colleagues decided to take your advice and not see Duplicity but have dinner at Mimi's Cafe last Friday evening. The waitress looked at us a wee bit funny when we all ordered bowls of clam chowder. For your information, the cost was only $4.29 per bowl and not
$8.00. The piping hot muffins were extra.

We have all given you an A+ on your blog and are looking forward to your next installment. Best always,


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you took my advice about the movie, Mary! Remember, I was adding in the cost of muffinSSS and a tip for the poor waitress that had to dish up all that steaming hot clam chowder! The total should've definitely come to $8 if you were being kind to the waitress! Ha! Ha! There haven't been any new installments because life is a bit of a drag at the moment. Hopefully something exciting will happen soon that is blog worthy!

Lohra said...

Vanessa! Your comment on my blog made me laugh so hard. Thank you. :) You're right, it would be crazy if something like that happened. What would one do in that situation? Annulment?

Mary Todd said...

Dear Vanessa,