Monday, March 16, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

Last week, our family went to the Draper Temple Open House. There were lots of "oohs" and "aahs" from the kids. It was absolutely beautiful!

The man that spoke to us in the Sealing Room at the end of the tour made a teensy mistake when he mentioned that after we left him, we'd "head into a reception area in the Stake Center for a cookie, or maybe a couple of cookies," he said with a wink. My children took his statement to heart.

So, what is everyone's definition of a couple of cookies?

Nyah defines a "couple" cookies as five!

My definition is only four! (I really should've set a better example, but it WAS dinnertime!)

Ian didn't care about the cookies. The only choices of cookie flavors were: chocolate, oatmeal raisin, and something that looked like sugar (they were trying to trick him) but had a hint of lemon flavoring in the recipe. Ian promptly discarded the sugar cookie look alike!!

Grandma Joannie CLAIMS she stuck to only 3 cookies, but no one checked her purse!

Where is Carson for the family picture?

Yes, Carson was missing in action for the family pix, because he was busy sneaking his 9th cookie!! Where were his manners?!

Luckily, I overhead a woman at the reception telling someone that they had ordered 3 million cookies for the Draper Open House and that they had plenty left over! So, really, our family was just helping them out. We didn't want them to throw away any of those fabulous cookies!!

(Those not pictured were too embarrassed to admit how many cookies they'd eaten -- Aaron and Cali!!)


Our Family said...

Your posts are so fun to read. I was smiling the whole time reading about how many cookies everyone ate. Looks like you had a great vacation.

Stina said...

I'm with you on 4 cookies. You crack me up! And guess what? I ran 7 miles on Saturday. I'm coming back!

Kristin said...

Our family has always been expert at getting the most out of free entertainment. Too bad they didn't have a sugar or at least a peanut butter cookie for Ian.

The Heaton's said...

What a funny story! Love the pictures!

Caleb said...

Grandma Joannie definitely had more than 3. You'll see Mom eating cookies for the next 2 weeks!

Lohra said...

9 cookies?!? Holy cow! I knew I should have tried harder to get to that open house. :)