Thursday, January 29, 2009

Santa Highlights

Cali got the boys unique chopsticks!

Ian (the good big brother that he is) bought Nyah tattoos for Christmas!

Don't you hate it when someone buys a gift for you that you know is something they really bought for themselves? Well, I bought Aaron a new endtable this year! Guess who loves it?!

Grandpa had the right idea; give Ian a chemistry set, and then get the heck out of town!!

Nyah has spent many hours in front of her full length mirror, decked out in her new rocker gear!

Guess who did Ian's shopping this year? Hint: Who is the resident nerd?!

Remember my dilemma: Carson wanted an $80 Lego set for Christmas and I wasn't about to spend that much on 1 gift? This was the $30 choice that he ended up with instead! He still seemed pretty excited about it, although he did mention later that Santa must've gotten confused!

Nyah got a new fuzzy robe and cow that's she's wanted for a year, and I am modeling my new blue sweater from Caleb.

Ian got his dream Christmas gift -- a pocket bike! This was his reaction when he found it(remember all of this is in a very monotone voice): "Wow. This will be a fun present to have in the summer." That was it!! 100% Ian!! He was actually happier about his soft blanket!

Uncle Caleb also got a new blankie for Christmas! Love this look, C.P.!

I was so happy to have my sister here for Christmas!!

Cali got a spa day for Christmas: a facial, a haircut and style, glitter toes, and lunch! I was jealous!!

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