Monday, January 26, 2009

My Favorite Christmas Tradition

Our family draws names from a hat (or an old Tupperware dish) each November to see who we get to make a homemade gift for that Christmas. Some people enjoy the tradition more than others. See if you can guess who tried to pass off a purchased gift this year as "homemade"!!

Ian made Carson a "Car" bank.

Carson made Nyah a mug because she is a Hot Chocolate Lover!

Cali made Ian a bowl to store his large collection of bouncy balls. Thanks, Cali!!

Cali had this empty frame in her bedroom forever. Aaron surprised her and filled it with cute pictures of Cali and Nyah!

Nyah made me a blankie with Grandma Joannie's help!

I made Aaron a book (on Snapfish) about his Super Hero status.

Caleb painted Josh a mallard duck for Josh's brand new duck collection!

Mom made Caleb a homemade shoe shine kit!

Josh compiled a book of letters to me from my parents and siblings about why I am a Rock Star. I read them out loud to everyone, bawled, and got a splitting headache. It was the best present ever!!
**Some gifts are not pictured because they were in the mail, still being made, or still in the brainstorming process!!

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The Heaton's said...

I will have to remember some of theose ideas for next year!