Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello, Family and Friends!!
Monday was our first experience attending a dance recital. If any of you have ever attended one, you may be inclined to agree with Ian, who described the recital in 3 words, “Long, boring, and hot!” I am sad to admit, that I agree with all 3 adjectives. It was held in the Springville H.S. auditorium and was about 130 degrees, with no air circulation. We got there at 6:15 to get good seats, (next time we’ll know better), and didn’t leave until 10 p.m. Cali and her partner did an amazing job on their western swing. Unfortunately, their performance was 3rd to the end!!
Carson graduated from preschool on Tuesday. What an accomplishment! Carson did so well in preschool this year, we decided to send him again next year! He was so cute at the graduation. He sung every song at the top of his lungs. That boy really needs to go into performing. At Cali’s dance recital, Carson was mesmerized. He said, “I want to do that!” We just hope he picks hip hop instead of ballet.
Nyah’s 2nd grade graduation was last week as well. We are so lucky here in Utah to be blessed to attend a graduation for EVERY SINGLE GRADE! This next week I get to see Ian graduate from the 3rd grade. Who came up with this system? I’m sure it wasn’t the parents! After the song performance, we went back to Nyah’s classroom where each child was recognized. Nyah was so proud of her award. Her teacher presented her with a certificate that said, Nyah wins the “Enthusiastic Helper” award. The translation of the award is . . . Every time Nyah gets done with a project she goes up to her teacher and says, “What are we doing next? Can I do anything to help? What time is recess? Kaitlin and I are going to be rock stars someday! What should I do now?” Needless to say, her teacher had a big smile on her face when she presented Nyah with the award.
Ian has decided to take up golfing with Aaron. They went to the driving range yesterday. They weren’t gone long. Aaron said that Ian went through his bucket of balls VERY quickly. Ian didn’t like to hear any constructive criticism about his swing, but Aaron said he got a lot better by the end. They also went to see the movie, Prince Caspian because Ian finished reading the book with the same title, and ate a big bucket of popcorn. Ian gave the movie 3 out of 5 stars and said it was, “Okay.” After the movie, the guys met the rest of us at The Spaghetti Factory where Ian ordered his favorite, clam sauce over spaghetti. Now, you’d think that after a day like this, Ian would’ve been doing the happy dance! I know I would’ve been overjoyed to do any ONE of these things when I was a kid. However, when I tucked Ian into bed last night and asked him if he had a fun day, he just gave me a serious nod. Oh, the joys of motherhood!
Aaron is planning his best summer ever this year! The kids and I will be in California for 3 weeks in June (Aaron’s going to join us for 1 of them) and then in July, we will be driving to Texas, by way of New Mexico and Oklahoma, without Aaron. My mom and dad are accompanying the kids and I on this adventure. Needless to say, I think Aaron’s golf swing will be a lot better by the time we return in August!!
Hope you are all doing great and enjoying springtime!




Caleb said...

I love your blog! This is going to be awesome!

mfvanvoorhis said...

Fabulous. Creativity certainly runs in the Van Voorhis family(hmmm). I see some raised eyebrows out there. You go girl!

Natalie said...

Good job Vanessa! I love the e-mails so this will be even more exciting! I will be checking often! Wish we lived closer - miss you!

khubble said...

You guys are so funny! It's great to see what you guys are up to. I hope you guys come visit this summer. Our home is open if you need it! Miss you all!