Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day Before School's Out

The kids just got home from school and I asked them to tell me about their days. This is a run down of what they did today:

Ian said, "Well, I slept in a tent, signed yearbooks, played kickball, and came home! Oh, and we did some math!"

Nyah said, "We watched Charlotte's Web, played baseball, and . . . I forget what else happened today.

Cali said, "I watched 2 movies, made buttons, had an auction where I bought Cheetos for 700 dollars, and got my yearbook."

The kids came home very cheerful, and ready to go back outside to play somemore. I asked the kids who thought they learned the most, and Ian said, "Oh, definitely me! I did some math!"

I think everyone, including the teachers, is ready for Summer Vacation!!


Caleb said...

Those last days of school were always the best! Every teacher was in a competition to see how little they could make their students do...happy summer Cali, Ian, Nyah, and Carson!

homegirl said...

Look how cute your kids are! They are growing up so fast! I just saw your name on Kendra's blog and I wanted to come say Hi!