Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Trip to Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Employee (VSE): Hi. Can I help you find something today?
Me: I'm looking for a piece of lingerie for Valentine's Day.
VSE: They are right over here.
Me: What would you recommend for someone without boobs?
VSE (with a look of shock on her face): Well . . . a lot of the lingerie is sized by bra size.
Me: Do you have anything smaller than a size A?
VSE: (speechless)
Me: I guess I'll try a 32A.
VSE: (still speechless)

I headed to the dressing room armed with a 32A little number to try on. I got it on, only to find that the cups on the outfit had about 2 inches of extra space/gaps on each side.

VSE: How are you doing in there?
Me: Well, I have lots of space inside these 32A cups.
VSE: Maybe you can fill them with marshmallows.
Me: (speechless)

Valentine's ended up being a hit. Aaron really enjoyed the fluffiness of the miniature marshmallows. Also, I'd have to say that he really "Skor"ed! (Thanks to my dear friend for the brilliant idea of presenting Aaron with a Skor candy bar on his pillow.) I couldn't stop laughing when I saw his face light up at the sight of the candy bar. I told Aaron he could reuse the Skor bar as many times as he wants to this year. All he has to do is lay the Skor bar on my pillow. Funny thing is, I found the empty Skor bar wrapper on the dresser this afternoon. I guess that's it for the year!


Reuben Collins said...

Ok. well I'll admit it. I'm very curious to know how the marshmallow thing played out... sounds, eh, sticky.

Kristin said...

So funny! Do you see a successful business plan here?

Calee said...

I miss blogging and miss reading your posts:) I'm with Aaron, I'll choose chocolate any day!