Friday, July 8, 2011

Hot Pots Adventure

Up, up, up Diamond Fork Canyon, there is a little place called the "Hot Pots" that nudists like to frequent. Natural hot springs are perfect for getting naked. At least that's what I've heard.

A couple of weeks ago, Aaron was at work, the girls were away on trips, so the boys and I decided to take a little adventure: hike up to the hot pots to see "who" or "what" we'd find there.

It was actually quite a bit of a hike. The boys drank out of their Camelbacks constantly and made about 10 "pee" stops.

After an hour and a half of hiking, we finally spotted the "hot pots." One problem. There was a VERY LARGE SNAKE on the path leading to the hot pot!

Because I didn't want to freak out in front of the boys, I calmly said, "Oh, let's just wait a minute. I bet it will slither into the grass and let us by." Eventually it did. We literally SPRINTED past the brush it disappeared into and SCURRIED onto the rocks surrounding the hot pot. Luckily we were the only people there so Ian ditched all of his clothes, including his underwear, stood in the hot pot with his hands in a victory sign, ready for a picture to pass onto his posterity. I lifted up the camera to catch this special moment, and . . . what do you know? Out of batteries. LUCKY YOU!!

Two more snakes were spotted by the boys soon after Ian redressed so the boys and I hurried back down the path towards the car. We will not return any time soon. Our curiosity about the "HOT POTS" has been satisfied!


Lera said...

Seriously, that is the biggest snake ever! I would have gone running and screaming. What a good mom to be so brave.

Lohra said...

NO WAY. That is not a real picture. You posted an image from the movie Anaconda, didn't you? Wish you would have put Carson or Ian in there to get an accurate sizing of that thing. :)