Monday, December 8, 2008

Side by Side, Hand in Hand, Heart to Heart

Aaron is going to turn 38 years old on Christmas day, so I thought I'd give him an early (free) birthday gift . . .
Here are 38 reasons why I love you!
1. You never complain about my sweaty palms. (I'm still looking for a cure! If anyone has any suggestions . . .)
2. You are funnier than anyone else I know. (Besides me, of course!)
3. Your smile lights up the room! (Those bleach whitening strips are great!)
5. You LOVE your job. (I'm so glad you come home happy!)
6. You always compliment my cooking (Even when it's just cold cereal! Get excited. That's what we're having tonight!)
7. You clean toilets.
8. You make the bed on Saturdays and Sundays.
9. You read to the kids.
10. You do dishes.
11. You watch The Amazing Race with me. (Wasn't that the best season ever?!)
12. You watch Survivor with me.
13. You catch me up on current events since I don't read the newspaper or watch the news.
14. You fix the computer.
15. You change lightbulbs. (By the way . . . will you pick some more lightbulbs up after work today?)
16. You shop at Costco for me so I won't spend too much money.
17. You never mention my terrible case of adult on-set acne.
18. You always say, "Yes!" when I say I want to go out to eat.
19. You always share a Founder's Favorite with me from Cold Stone.
20. You're a great tipper.
21. You never kiss me after you've eaten seafood.
22. You love my family.
23. You never look around the house and say, "So, what did you do today?!"
24. You love our kids as much as I do.
25. You call me from work even though you hate to talk on the phone.
26. You secretly enjoy my love for Hollywood gossip.
27. You love Diet Pepsi with fresh lime squeezed in it with pebbled ice.
28. You look like Matt Damon. (Wait a second, I think he looks like you!!)
29. You love to go to the movies and eat popcorn with me even though it has 10,000 calories in 1 bucket. (Plus, you never complain when I want the free refill!)
30. You love to read.
31. You want to retire at the beach!
32. You don't talk to much!
33. You are a great listener.
34. Your eyes twinkle when you're happy.
35. You hardly ever get mad.
36. You do all the driving on long trips so I can take naps!
37. You don't think it's strange that I sometimes cry for no reason at all.
38. You are 100% trustworthy and support all my hopes and dreams.



Memzy said...

Awwww. Srsly cute.

Me and My Hawkes BOYZ said...

Happy Birthday Aaron... so cute Vanessa. :)

Stina said...

This was really cute to read. I love getting peeks into your life. And, I love that you are a super-marathoner, yet you eat real food with tons of calories. Can't wait to get back in shape to go on a run with you again. Especially when I'm learning so much more about you!

PS. I think your cute fashion sense is rubbing off on Donna. She had a hat on just like yours the other day. SO CUTE!

BushlingX7 said...

Happy Birthday Aaron. What wonderful reasons to love your husband. We are going to be in Provo Dec. 22,23. Zach is going to a baseball camp at BYU. We will have to call you when we are there.

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday, Aaron. I agree with Vanessa- you are great! Can I have a family like yours someday?

Vanessa said...

I'm so excited to run with you again too! It is SOOO cold right now!
Can't believe you are coming into town. Call if you get a chance. We'd love to see you!!

Our Family said...

Happy Birthday Aaron!!

What a cute and fun idea!

The Heaton's said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday Aaron!!

henryteachers said...

so sweet! You've got a keeper V! Love your elf videos too, especially Carson being the lead dancer. After watching Nyah's reflections video, he would be in front. He's got some great moves!

tina said...

So much you learn on a blog than you do lving down the street from you.. I just love your posts and learning details, I"m a detail person.